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Solvent recovery removes pollutants from the environment

Organic solvents are significant air pollutants. For this reason, one of the most urgent environmental protection tasks is reducing the emissions of these so-called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Since as early as 1982, Herco GmbH has been developing procedural systems for the post-treatment of process gas, which means that the company is one of the pioneers of solvent recovery.

A wide variety of processes generate exhaust gas flows that include a significant amount of solvents. Organic solvents are released during coating and recycling processes, for example, but also in production procedures used in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

These gas flows must not be emitted into the atmosphere without treatment. Condensation and adsorption plants provide a sensible technical solution for meeting the strict legal requirements that regulate emission limits. It is even possible to reuse the condensed components, which generates additional synergies.

Selecting the most suitable process for the recovery of solvents depends primarily on the volumetric flow of the process gas and on the amount of solvents it contains. But in any case, solvent recovery is an important and valuable contribution to environmental protection. Give us a call! Our highly experienced team will be happy to advise you and develop an effective and economical solution together with you.